☆ Engineering Mathematics (Theory)

☆ Engineering Mathematics (MCQA)


☆ Engineering Physics 

☆ Engineering Chemistry

☆ Electrical & Electronics Engineering

☆ Electronics & Communication Engineering

☆ Mechanical Engineering

☆ Civil Engineering

☆ Diesel Engineering

☆ Computer Engineering

☆ Environment & Pollution Control

☆ Instrumentation & Measurement

☆ Engineering Drawing & Graphics

Part-III (Specialization)

Civil Engineering & Geo Informatics (Theory)

i)    Structural Engineering :

       l Mechanics l Structural Analysis l Building Materials 
l Concrete Structures l Steel Structures

ii)   Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering :

       l Soil Mechanics l Foundation Engineering

iii) Transportation Engineering :

       l Highway Planning l Traffic Engineering

iv)  Water Resources Engineering :

       l Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics l Hydrology and Ground Water  l Irrigation Engineering

v)   Environmental Engineering :

       l Water and Waste water Engineering  l Air Pollution and Control

vi) Surveying and Remote Sensing :

       l Surveying  l Remote Sensing l GIS and Cartography

Civil Engineering & Geo Informatics (MCQ)

1.    Structural Engineering

2.    Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

3.    Transportation Engineering

4.    Water Resources Engineering

5.    Environmental Engineering

6.    Surveying and Remote Sensing