E-Commerce is compulsion of time and order of the day. The all pervading world wide web has made possible the E-Commerce to reach every home even in remote rural areas. The advantages offered by E-Commerce are many such as availability of wide range of products of different brands and at the same time at an affordable low prices. Nowadays, e-commerce has been made easy through cell phones. The range of products displayed by E-Commerce cannot be accommodated even in 100 off-sale showrooms.

When we analyze, whether E-Commerce is a boon or bane, it is a coin with two sides. The above advantages are exploited by big corporate, that too multinationals of foreign origin. They monopolies a particular brand which is not available in the off-line markets. Hence the consumer is placed at a disadvantageous position to pay the price fixed by E-Commerce companies.

Major disadvantages as far as India is concerned many small-time retailers have vanished. As a consequence, lakhs have lost their jobs. It is feared that East India companies are emerging in new avatar. The discounts and lower rates offered by on-line companies cannot be matched by off-line stores, as they have to maintain stocks by heavy investment and storage space or showroom is a constraint for them. Hence agitated traders and employees seek the help from the government. The government must come forward and appoint committee to go into all the problems and a fine balance must be maintained between the two.