Originally established in 1923 by the British raj to analyze the salary structure of members of the Indian Civil Service, the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission is the State’s premier institute that is tasked with recruitment and selection activities of all government jobs within the Tamil Nadu government. The TNSPC is considered to be a very prestigious institute and jobs offered by them are highly sought.


A career with the TNPSC is considered to be of the highest regard, which is why lakhs of applicants apply for the various positions made available as it almost guarantees a fulfilling career and higher standard of living. So, with so many candidates applying for a very limited number of vacancies, it is essential that one has a competitive edge over the other applicants. Thankfully, you can now get the relevant exam books for these exams through online books purchase. It is useful to note that the syllabus for the TNPSC exams study materials is revised almost annually, with the last major revision to the syllabus done in 2013.

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