As part of the ongoing deployment to the Mediterranean, INS Tabar entered the Port of Naples, Italy on 03 July 21. The ship was accorded a warm welcome by the Italian Navy.
 On departure from port, the ship also undertook a Maritime Partnership Exercise with ITS Antonio Marceglia (F 597), a frontline frigate of the Italian Navy, on 04 and 05 July 2021 in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Ø The exercise covered a wide range of naval operations including air defence procedures, replenishment at sea, communication drills and cross deck-helo operations by day and night. The exercise was mutually beneficial in enhancing interoperability and towards consolidating combined operations against maritime threats. The exercise culminated with a ‘Steam Past’ by the two ships, as per the naval custom.

Ø Tyrrhenian Sea: The Mediterranean Sea has 12 marginal seas, covering a total area of about 2.5 million square kilometers. The Tyrrhenian Sea is the Mediterranean Sea’s third-largest marginal sea, located along the western coast of mainland Italy. It covers an area of approximately 275,000 square kilometers and has four exits, including two to the Mediterranean Sea and one each to the Ionian Sea and the Ligurian Sea. The sea has played important economic and cultural roles throughout history, particularly facilitating trade between Africa, Asia, and Europe. Today, it is one of the most important trade routes in the Mediterranean Sea.