• Syllabus for Soldier Technical & Nursing Assistants Recruitment Exams
• Indian Army (M.E.R.) Exam Original Solved Question Paper – 2005 – 2014

• Mathematics
Arithmetic, Algebra, Mensuration, Area of Volume, Trigonometry
Height and Distance, Geometry, Lines and Angles, Statistic
• Physics   
Matter, Motion, Force, Gravitation, Work and Energy, Light, Heat
Electricity, Magnetism, Sound, Wave Motion, Domestic Electric Circuit 
Sun as, source of energy, Fuels, Heat Engines, Nuclear Energy
• Chemistry
Nature and Behaviour, Electrochemical Cell, Classification of elements
Carbon and its Compounds, Extraction of Metals, Chemical Bond, Electrolysis
Water, Air, Science MCQA
• Terminology
• General Intelligence & Reasoning
• Objective General Knowledge
Constitution of India, Indian History, U.N.O., Indian, Economy, Geography
Sports, Books & Authors, Characters, etc., Science, Space,
National and International days, Environment, Inventions and Discoveries
Abbreviations – National & International the World of Plants and Animals
Continents and SUB – Continents, Indian Towns, States & Union Territories.
Reasoning & General Intelligence
Current Affairs (MCQA)